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Homecoming Queens

Two best friends reinvent themselves after chronic illness changes their friendship, their futures and… their pubic hair. 

Producer Katia Nizic / Director Corrie Chen
Writers Michelle Law & Chloe Reeson  
Executive Producer Amanda Higgs

Release: April 2018, Currently Streaming on SBS On Demand

Melbourne Web Fest - Winners
- Best Comedy Series
- Best Lead Actors (Liv Hewson & Michelle Law)
- Best Directing (Comedy)
- Best Writing (Chloe Reeson & Michelle Law)

International Academy of Web Television Awards
Nominated for:
- Best Editing (Comedy)
- Best Production Design
- Best Directing (Comedy)
- Best Lead Actor (Liv Hewson)

Australian Writers Guild - Winner:
- Best Writing for an Online Series (Episode 6 "Beach")

Screen Producers Australia Awards - Nominated:
- Online Series of the Year

Australian Screen Sound Guild Awards - Nominated:
- Best Sound for a Television Drama or Comedy Series - Under 30 mins (Episode 5 "Sexual Healing")

 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts
Nominated for:
- Best Online Series