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Paper Trails

An exploration of life, memory, and history through the eyes of feminist, broadcaster, author, and activist Anne Deveson, as she packs up her archives for the National Library of Australia. 

Producers Katia Nizic & Britt Arthur
Executive Producer Sue Maslin
Director Sari Braithwaite
Distributor: Film Art Media
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Australian Premiere: Antenna Documentary Festival, 11th October 2017
Broadcast: ABC TV's Compass: 6:00pm, 14th October 2017

- ABC TV's Compass: 11:00am, 21st January 2018
- National Library of Australia: 5:30pm, 15th February 2018
- Human Rights Arts & Film Festival - May 2018
- Australian Centre for the Moving image - 31st October 2018

Australian Directors Guild - Winner:
Best Standalone Documentary or Series

Australian Teachers of Media - Winner:
- Best Documentary - Shortform

Best Documentary - Biography